Saturday, November 12, 2011

Google Alert - Zero Point Energy

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Amega Zero Point Energy Wand
This 25 year researched proprietary technology provides a field of zero point energy, where the cells within the body are reminded of their master blueprint that ...
Politics and Money: zero-point energy
Politics and Money Message: [quote]zero-point energy[/quote]
zero point generator - Topic
"Zero point energy" is the lowest energy state of a system - no more can be extracted from it. A so-called "zero-point generator" is just another name for a ...
As per Japanese physicist (Masahiro Hotta), energy teleporation is ...
To understand that, you need the capability to differentiate between "extraction of zero point energy" and "energy teleportation". Whatsoever, to make you a little ...
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Next we need to bring out Zero Point Energy. I talked to someone on your staff about new, advanced energy technologies. It's all related to the "UFO" coverup. ...

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