Sunday, January 20, 2013

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[1301.3520] Bounds on free energy in QCD
Abstract: We derive some exact bounds on the free energy $W(J)$ in QCD, where $J_\mu^b$ is a source for the gluon field $A_\mu^b$ in the minimal Landau ...
19 January Free Energy ChefVille Game - -
Get a sushiroll of + with this gift! For the missions we cook 7 sushiroll! Here is a gift that should please you because you will collect 1 of 7 sushirol.
17 January 2013, The Debate Over Free Energy Is Not Over, Mark ...
A very serious debate from two free energy experts, Stirling being the cheerleader presuming innocence until proven guilty, while Mark demands to see the ...

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