Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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I have a working free energy device
I have a working free energy device. ... I did an experiment, where I let my electric wheelchair become a free energy device where I gained the power to go an ...
42 - Free Energy
But this device does not exist yet. Right? Shouldn't it sound rather like this: we want to build a device. The device will work on a certain principle which we tested ...
Re: Mehran T. Keshe Technologies - Free Energy
Gwandau, I like your way of thinking. I just want to say that everything the man know today relates to references and interpretation. I mean the references used in ...
2013 - the year the world will see the first independent ... - Free Energy
I just wish you all a happy new inventive year in 2013. Try the possible approach this year. Playing with conservative forces will not give birth to an infinite energy ...

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